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Making Playdoh

2010 October 26
by Helen Mason

Well following my last post Top Ten Tips  for October Half Term I decided to have a go at Making Playdoh .

I know some of you that read this will be thinking why would you do this? and I have to say it’s not some thing I have ever done either , but  I gave it a go. So here’s how it went, I started out with a large pan and one cup of plain flour , followed by half a cup of salt, two tablespoons of cream of tartar and one cup of water.

I then added some pink food colouring and then gently cooked it on a very low light  while continually stirring until it started to knit together and make a ball.

I then transferred this to the fridge wrapped in clingfilm. How easy does that sound? Now add the twins and a dog. The first batch went quite well (yes I made two) the twins helped and stirred enthusiastically, at one point  it seemed like it was never going to set , but it did and the pan washed really quite easily .

I then decided I should really do a blue batch for the boys, this is where it all started to go wrong. Tom got bored and started to throw flour at Poppy, Poppy returned this by smearing playdoh in Toms hair. By this time the kitchen looked like a bomb had dropped and the dog had walked flour all over the house.

Although a quick trip to the supermarket for the nice smelling kind would defiantly be quicker and much less mess, I do feel really quite proud of myself  and the kids have played with it for hours.

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