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Sunday night Spa

2011 March 6
by Helen Mason

It’s exactly a week ago now since my very best friend, Donna and I sat sweating it out in the “heat experience” at the Titanic Spa in Huddersfield, a very thoughtful Birthday present from her and one that we shall both remember for more than one reason.

The evening was planned and I was to pick up Donna at five fifteen in order to allow plenty of time for our arrival at the spa at six. Now I admittedly have zero sense of direction so my very concerned husband printed us a route planner and gave strict instructions on leaving the map reading to Donna.

This is where it all went drastically wrong because although my very lovely and seemingly competent friend looks like she could navigate her way through France, it appears that she has more similarities to me than just our looks. I can now honestly say she is the worst map reader I have ever come across except myself!

After numerous trips around Huddersfields rather undesirable suburbs and a genuine fear of being car jacked due her politely asking a pair of drunks for the directions to the “Titanic Spa” (as it was obviously somewhere they visited regularly) we arrived at almost seven having never felt as much in need of some relaxation in all our lives.

It was a huge old mill and on entering there were robe clad ladies and the odd man floating around looking serene and refreshed. We checked in and were given our robes and slippers and then shown where our canap├ęs and champagne would be served to start our evening.

We had a wonderful evening and well and truly put the world to rights, and after having discussed men, children, life and hair removal our night was complete.

As we emerged from the doors we looked fresher, younger (ahem), scrubbed and ready to face our week ahead with all it has to throw at us.

But first the big question was “How the bloody hell do we get home” and trust me it took a while after going in the wrong direction but we made it.

The week that followed was not good. I flitted between an emotional wreck due to poorly children and generally feeling sorry for myself, and a crazed Stepford wife thrusting porridge and home made cakes down the kids necks in hope this would make me feel back in control of my chaotic house which at one point looked like we had been burgled, and pale sickly looking children.

Luckily things are getting back to normal now the kids are on the mend and my mental state has slightly improved after a really good dose of retail therapy on Friday and some long over due antibiotics for Tom.

So this Sunday evening there’s no champagne and gossip, just a cup of tea and Dancing on ice, oh and maybe a Kit Kat!

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  1. David permalink
    March 6, 2011

    I hope Tom and Poppy are okay :)

    Thanks for my birthday wishes too!

    And try the orange Kit Kats! Lovely!

  2. Donna monica permalink
    March 6, 2011

    Dear Tom Tom….oops sorry Helen LOL, there was absolutely nothing wrong with those 2 fine upstanding young gentlemen that I asked for directions, I will have you know that wife beater t-shirts, tattoos, a 4 pack of carling, shell suit jogging bottoms, and BO are all the rage now!!!! There was certainly no reason at all to central lock the car and wheel spin off :0)
    It was a fantastic evening, and we will have to do it again……..and NO Andrew you can’t come!
    I’m glad to hear everyone is on the mend and you are feeling more in control, will give you a bell as I have purchased a life changing beauty essential!! X

  3. David permalink
    March 7, 2011

    Mrs Mason!

    I don’t know how you do it! Running after so many children!

    But you are a fab mum :)

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